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About the UNH Weather Station

Located on the roof of Morse Hall, Durham NH

Useful Facts

  • This web software was last updated 2016-07-21.

  • There are 1440 possible samples a day, (60 minutes * 24 hours).

  • There are several days where data is missing. In some cases, many samples are missing.

  • The archive of data starts on 25 February, 2000. Relative Humidity, Dew Point, and Heat Index were not available before August 6, 2001. Dew Point and Heat Index are calculated and do not appear in the raw data.

  • Previous to July 2016 Raw Data Formats:

    • 121, day, time, wind speed, wind dir, temp, par, rain delta, heater flag, rh temp, rh
    • 124, day, time, wind speed, wind dir, temp, par, heaters
    • 126, day, time, wind speed, wind dir, temp, par, rain delta, heater flag, rh temp, rh
    • 131, day, time, rain delta

    The first number is just an identifier of the format of the data. The day is the Julian day of the year. The time is in hhmm military format with leading zeros removed, so 12:01am is represented as 1. Wind speed is in MPH. Wind direction is in degrees and north is 0/360. Temperature is in degrees Fahrenheit. PAR is in micro einsteins. Rain delta is the amount of rain in inches since the last sample. The heater flag indicates that the rain guage heaters are on if it is > 5. The rh temp is the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit on the relative humidity sensor and is used to calculate the relative humidity.

    When we first started upgrading the weather station, data came with two lines per sample: a 124 sample and a 131 sample. When we added the relative humidity sensor, we had a few days of 121 samples before the 126 samples became permanent. Eventually, all this data will go into a database and there will no longer be any data format identifiers.

    In late January of 2004, Alexander Proussevitch contributed the graphing page. It allows for graphing of various variables for the entire archive of our data.

  • In July 2016 all of the weather sensor hardware was replaced with newer models for the wind speed, direction, temperature and relative humidity, and the PAR device. Only the rain gauge was kept from the original hardware.

  • In July 2016 we also replaced data logger(was a CR21x now is a CR1000) which changed the format of the raw data significantly. At this time, one new data format exists.

    • YYY-MM-DD HH:MM, recno, wind speed, par, wsdv, wddv, temp, rain delta, rh, wind dir

    Many of the fields contain the same data it a different order. The recno is just the record number of the sample since the last time the data logger was programmed or possibly power cycled. It is not really useful at the moment though we may find a use for it. The wsdv and wddv are apparently wind speed and wind direction standard deviation values. There is no rain guage heater value as the rain guage heaters are always on now. The relative humidity sensor does not provide its own temperature data.

  • This info page was last updated 2016-07-21.

Please report any problems to WeatherAdmin@sr.unh.edu.

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